About us

Research & Development, a well-combined event management and production company with over 20 years of expertise in management, planning, and production, makes us highly sought after by reputed clients in the region.

Based in the heart of Dubai, the hub that leads the market with purpose and consistency to professionalism in covering clients across the Middle East and North Africa.

R&D is at the forefront of researching path-breaking insights, combining innovative technologies, and developing artistic awareness. Diving into China’s manufacturing powers and India’s iconic monuments, we were fortunate enough to gather a wide range of up-to-date technology and creative solutions.

Our leading creative team has years of industry experience. We help people organize and plan their private and social events, as well as big companies launch their products, manage successful events and market them accordingly. Since your business is so important to us, your marketing efforts can get maximum exposure with minimum stress.

The Process


Listening and understanding your needs is the first step we take. We emphasize the challenges and study the plan thoroughly to overcome obstacles. We then research and go in-depth with every solution based on behavior, trends, and innovation before we respond to you with the best-detailed strategy plan.


Based on our in-depth research and experience over the years, we thrive to develop powerful solutions. By harnessing the potential of our creative expertise in terms of new technology, BTL production, and world-class execution, we are able to accomplish all ideas From product launches and sporting occasions to gala dinners and even Ramadan iftars, R&D enables a seamless and hassle-free experience. From eye-catching stands to clever displays, R&D helps you design and set up your promotional displays to create a buzz around your brand.