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In today’s market, with the high competition in the region, distributors and product manufacturers are struggling to reach the consumer. Despite the increase in social media marketing, outdoor advertising, telemarketing and above the line marketing, 90% of consumers make their decision on the spot, in the supermarket or the grocery shop, either on impulse buying or changing their mind due to several reasons. The most important and direct reason is the Display and the way the product is presented to them. That’s where we, Research and Development Marketing consultancy, come into the picture.

By studying the product and its target audience, we make our research based on the visibility and reachability in the market. For each item or product, we suggest different POSM; we conducted a case study last year on one of our product, and only by using the shelf management technic, the sales increased by 6%.

What are the different and major POSM?

– Shelf management
– Glorifier
– Display unit
– Isle stand
– Gondola dressing
– Gondola End display unit
– Pallet display
– On-Shelf unit
– Isle branding
– Shelf Branding
– Hanging units
– Counter tops

How to develop a POSM for a specific product?

We study the target market and audience and we conduct our research on several criteria’s, such as visibility, easy access, creating a brand image, making the consumer trust the geniality of the product…etc. Our creative yet technical team will take over to develop a concept and designs based on the input from the marketing team. A prototype will be produced in our fabrication facility, presented to the client and brainstorm on the feasibility and output. Once all parties satisfied, we mass produce the POSM, and implement it in the market. A case study will follow to make sure that we hit our target.

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